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Single way communication Architecture pattern for Frontend Applications

For many years Software Developers have face different challenges building User Interfaces: Rendering, Event handling, external systems communications, loose coupling of elements, separations of concerns, components communication, state management, routers, navigations, etc, etc, etc, resulting in…

BLOCKS architecture for API Development

Blocks architecture is an architectural implementation proposal based on the Service Oriented Architecture design pattern for building APIs. This architecture is also based on our experience developing software on the last few years, along with the SOLID design principles and some other patterns…

SLIM Multilayer Architecture for REST API using Python with Django, Cerberus, Serpy and Django Rest

This is a very SLIM architecture proposal for API REST with Python using Django. Personally, i like the use of Django REST. At the beginning make things very simple, but when you have a large application this way of doing things just wouldn’t work. So, I propose a new, scalable and pluggable way of…

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